Leggings in silk for men

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Increase the effectiveness of your eczema treatment with Silk seamless leggings.  Eczema Leggings stop eczema itchiness and immediately start healing the eczema flare. Excellent for day use.

Silk is Ideal for chronic skin conditions in the very delicate areas around the face and head because it soothes irritated and inflamed skin, regulates body temperature, balances pH and stimulates collegen production, a necessary factor in healthy skin.

Woven with a gentle, non migrating antimicrobial designed to keep infection at bay while the skin heals. 

360 degree stretch makes them easy to wear, they utilise seamless technology and 360 degree stretch that helps with temprature regulation and our advanced yarn technology helps reduce the itch cycle. Excellent for day or night time use.  

Skinnies are available in various colours and don't look or feel medical making them easier and more comfortable to wear.

Available on prescription directly from your GP or Dermatologist or to easy to buy online here.

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