Gloves in viscose for men

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Get instant eczema relief with Skinnies viscose gloves, available in small medium and large sizes.

Hand eczema treatment just got a lot easier.  These gloves look fashionable, not medical.  Eczema on hands will not be visible, and allow eczema treatments to work both day and night.   Excellent for day use. Helps to heal the discomfort of hand eczema and hand psoriasis.

Breathable, 360 degree stretch.  Stops eczema itchiness and immediately start healing the eczema flare. 

A must have in your eczema treatment regimen!

Skinnies are available in colours and dont look or feel medical making them easier and more comfortable to wear.

Available on prescription directly from your GP or Dermatologist or to easy to buy online here.

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