Raynaud's Gloves

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Skinnies Raynaud's Gloves harnesses the full power of Phase change material, this, in combination with Skinnies cutting edge knitting technology, and Sanitized medical antimicrobial provides a powerful tool  in the treatment and management of Raynaud's disease and many other medical conditions where temperature sensitivity is a factor

Product Specification:

  • Innovative Seamless technology, 360-degree cosy stretch provides the ultimate comfort and hand flexibility
  • Patented phase change material, ensures your hand's temperature remains balanced, not too hot not too cold, just right 
  • Reactive wicking technology keeps you dry
  • Anti-odour treatment
  • Sanitized medical antimicrobial treats 99.9% of bacteria and is effective against Covid-19 virus
  • Antimicrobial is permanently bonded for long term effectiveness, it is fast-acting providing protection the moment you use the gloves

Grey gloves have conductive fingertips to aid with smart devices

Care Instructions:
Hand wash at temperatures of up to 30°C
Air dry only
Do not iron

Skinnies have also applied this technology in the development of Cool Dreams our Temperature-regulating mattress topper, an innovative product utilising phase change material technology, medical antimicrobial treatment and wicking technology to ensure you get comfortable, undisturbed night’s sleep.

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