Passionate about our Products

We know that medical professionals are always seeking to find products that exceed current standards and reduce NHS costs, Skinnies seamless garments exceeds the exacting standards required by the NHS are available on prescription right across the UK and reduce NHS costs.

At Skinnies we are passionately focused on developing products to help alleviate the dreadful symptoms associated with eczema and other skin conditions therefore improving the quality of life of sufferers and their carers.

Our passion comes from personal experiences of young members of our own family who suffered the discomfort, school embarrassment and hassle of having to use traditional protective wrappings.

Help us to improve

We work hard with a wide range of hospitals, senior health practitioners, parents and actual garment users to design, redesign and thoroughly test new product ranges to ensure they are ready for supply.

Our innovation team continually listens to the needs of medical professionals and people needing help with a range of uncomfortable skin conditions. To be kept informed of our product updates and new product releases please subscribe to our newsletter.

We are always happy to receive any feedback and discuss our products at anytime by email (preferred) or give us a call.
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