02B37546(1)Specially designed diabetic socks

Skinnies UK have worked closely with diabetic specialist clinicians and podiatrists in a number of UK hospitals to create the Dermasock™, a specifically designed sock for diabetes that provides a comfortable, healthy and good looking socks to aid in the management of diabetes.

Dermasock Diabetic Socks have;

  • Seamfree™ technology
  • Assorted colours - they don't look medical, and are great to wear
  • Low powered stretch with no compression restricting circulation
  • SolePad™ is graduated padding on the sole for stability and for reducing impact damage
  • Defined Heel for stability
  • No tight ribbing at top of sock
  • Contoured design to reduce heat from friction
  • Anti-microbial coating reduces the risk of infection and odors
  • Can also benefit sufferers of Eczema and other skin conditions

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