"good article"
"My child (11 yr old), Zach suffers from severe epidermolysis bullosa. I have been looking for what seems like forever for your WEB crotchless shorts. We live in the USA. Wound care is outrageously expensive, with insurance. So I'm wondering if/when these are going to be available in the US.. Do you sell older children sizes (I only found adult sizes on the website)? And how expensive will they be? Thank you for your time."
"I was sceptical at first as Skinnies were new on the market and they looked very expensive, however, after giving some samples to parents to try the feedback, was very positive. They last twice as long as the other brands and the seamless construction makes them very comfortable to wear, plus the stretch is 100 times better than the others. Colours help, especially with young children and they feel very soft to touch. A great product :) "
"I ordered online, because my GP refused to prescribe skinnies, and rang them to see how long it would take to get them as James who is 8 months was in a state, I told David at skinnies about the problem and how desperate we were to get them, I was amazed that when he looked at the order and saw I was 27 miles away, he met me after work and handed them over. My wife and I were really touched by this act of kindness, Skinnies really do care. THANK YOU."
"my son who is 5 was bullied at school and thanks to Skinnies, it has pretty much stopped, he is so happy he wrote a letter to his nurse to thank her for giving him skinnies."
"Our dermatology nurse swapped my Emma to Skinnies in pink, because she refused to wear the other tops, bedtime was a nightmare. They’re  really soft and comfortable and she actually wants to wear them, yay."