Skin conditions are not only uncomfortable they can also have an impact on confidence. Children and young adults often experience problems coping with the effects eczema has on their social life. Forming bonds can be difficult, many sufferers experience embarrassment when the symptoms flare, much like the embarrassment that is often caused by acne break outs or psoriasis.

Skin doesn’t define who you are as a person, and teaching young people this fact is important. If you know a young person with eczema there are ways you can help:
  • Teach them about the condition so they understand and are able to explain it to their friends.
  • Try to learn their personal triggers, for example keep a simple food diary.
  • Help them to understand how to speak to their doctor to get help they need.
  • Listen and encourage them to talk about how they feel.
  • Be positive; educate your child on how to live with eczema and not to let it take control of their life, it’s a part of life but it shouldn’t take over.
  • Emotions should never be trivialised and sometimes just being able to talk about how they are feeling without being dismissed will help.
Clothing choices will help build confidence. Long sleeves and leggings can help to keep the problem areas covered if the child wishes them to be. Skinnies therapeutic garments are ideal as they are designed to be worn by people who have eczema along with other skin conditions such as Epidermolysis Bullosa. You can buy Skinnies online or ask your doctor to prescribe Skinnies. Call us on 01562 884 898 or follow SkinniesUK on Facebook if you have any questions, we’re here to help.