Epidermolysis Bullosa patients require bandages in order to protect their areas of broken skin. In the past carers and patients would have to rely upon flat and tubular bandages, but these came with problems.

During research it was found that these traditional types of skin coverings were difficult to put on, they were bulky and uncomfortable to wear and the seams caused extra irritation, something that only served to make matters worse. Many patients have to wear these tubes and bandages on a daily basis so it was important to find a more suitable solution to help make life a little more comfortable.

As a result we came up with the Skinnies WEB therapeutic garments. The clothing provides an alternative that has no seams so there is less friction, less bulk and offer more freedom of movement.  These garments are more like clothing and can provide a complete covering, ideal if you have wounds all over the body. It removes the need to use multiple bandages that need to be taped together and covered in flat dressings, extra padding and more tubular bandages on top! The wounds often soil through the bandages, are difficult to remove and can make movement incredibly restricted.  The WEB garments also come in different colours, making them appear like everyday clothing rather than specially designed medical care.

WEB garments are not only more suitable for the patients but they are also designed to cut back on the waste that increases the cost in wound care. Often the multiple bandages and tubes that are removed each day are simply thrown out. Skinnies don’t need to be cut when removed; they are machine washable and durable.  
Learn more about how Skinnies WEB garments are designed to help Epidermolysis Bullosa patients by watching our short video on YouTube.  Please remember our clothing is available from your GP.