If you have eczema you’ll already know that there are often triggers you need to be aware of. These triggers differ from person to person, but there are some that tend to cause problems for the large majority of sufferers. Fabric choices are one of these triggers that are troublesome. The types of fabrics you have next to your skin can make a difference to how your skin looks and feels. Here are some of the worst offenders to watch out for.
  • Wool – Wool is a great fabric as it is natural and sustainable. The problem is it can also cause itching and redness even for people that don’t have eczema. While it can be great for during the winter time it’s not a good idea to wear anything made from wool if you already have a flare up.
  • Synthetic fabrics – Nylons, acrylic, spandex and polyester should be avoided at all costs. These are not natural and they won’t allow your skin to breathe as it needs to. They often trap the sweat next to the skin, which in turn will cause rashes, soreness and itchiness.
  • Cashmere – Cashmere is made from goat hair and although it’s natural the hair traps the heat next to the skin. As a result your skin will feel uncomfortable, hot and eczema is made worse.
Other things to consider when choosing your clothing are the labels and seams on the fabrics. Both labels and seams can cause further irritation.

What Fabrics Should I be Choosing?

If you have eczema there are several fabrics that are far less likely to cause problems. Cotton is a good choice. Cottons can feel cool on the skin and causes minimal irritation. Silk is another option, it’s natural and has great ventilation.

Skinnies Clothing is available in silk and viscose. Viscose is made from a cellulose fibre so it resembles natural cotton, making it cool and comfortable. Our Skinnies Viscose therapeutic clothing can be used with creams, salves and emollients and worn under clothing with ease if you have a favourite top you want to wear but don’t want to experience the discomfort the other fabric could cause. We also have a line of silk therapeutic garments that are soothing to the irritating skin. Our garments don’t have any seams or labels to worry about either, providing you comfort while your eczema is given time and the right conditions to heal.

Ask your GP about Skinnies garments at your next appointment.